Race To Erase
Race To Erase


Race Results

On behalf of the charities, we would like to thank all participants & volunteers for taking part in the 15th Annual Race to Erase. Congratulations to Reporting for Recess, this year's Race to Erase Champs! They finished the events in 572 seconds. The final times have been posted below.

This year's event raised $40,484! Congratulations to this year's top fundraising team, Baconators, for raising more than $4,765 for River City Vineyard. To check out how much each charity raised this year, visit the Charities page. Please note that we are still updating this page and this will be completed in the next week.

See you next year Sarnia!

Top 3 Fastest Times
Reporting for Recess - 572 s
VIP LOCOS - 737 s
SCCYS Somewhat Heroes - 795 s

Individual Stop Winners
B. Nicole Smith - EXIT Realty - Leave it to the Pros (Tooth Crew - 40 s)
B. Nicole Smith - EXIT Realty - Leave it to the Pros (One or Two - 40 s)
B. Nicole Smith - EXIT Realty - Leave it to the Pros (Purple People Eaters - 40 s)
C. The Book Keeper - Over the Rainbow (Between a Walk and a Hard Pace - 94 s)
D. Sweet Life Candy & Pop Shop - Come on down! (Keep Swimming - 20 s)
E. Great Lakes Refill Co. - Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat! (Inn to Win - 52 s)
E. Great Lakes Refill Co. - Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat! (The Visionaries - 52 s)
F. Save the Date Florals - Bouquet!! (The Visionaries - 19 s)
G. Community Living Sarnia - Look Ma, no hands! (Reporting for Recess - 58 s)
H. Sarnia Concrete - Mix It Up (Reporting for Recess - 85 s)
J. International Students - Dance - Let's Do Bhangra! (The brightest in the box - 30 s)
K. International Students - Sports - Going for gold (Reporting for Recess - 29 s)
L. District Beta - Ready Player 1? (The Dream Team - 16 s)

TeamStopTotal Time
We want to playB 52C 194D 210E 142F 111G 132H 205I J 51K 130L 581285
Tooth CrewB 40C 136D 85E 102F 66G 143H 104I J 42K 48L 40806
Flossy PosseB 79C 217D 144E 87F 80G 81H 159I J 41K 85L 481021
The ReboundersB 51C 199D 155E 124F 128G 90H 230I J 37K 133L 47995
INN 4 FUNB 49C 194D 64E 109F 136G 182H 144I J 77K 47L 571059
Keep SwimmingB 54C 161D 20E 117F 101G 129H 130I J 38K 109L 44903
FDK Play All DayB 93C 224D 176E 123F 66G 124H 123I J 42K 68L 55870
Between a Walk and a Hard PaceB 62C 94D 195E 101F 58G 219H 140I J 39K 90L 581056
Yes We Canada!B 44C 122D 232E 87F 82G 62H 120I J 38K 45L 51883
Purple People EatersB 40C 119D 72E 123F 129G 79H 120I J 33K 123L 46884
Nutty BuddiesB 79C 297D 262E 75F 112G 171H 178I J 33K 85L 591351
VIP LOCOSB 53C 108D 70E 75F 71G 65H 114I J 40K 103L 38737
Reporting for RecessB 45C 121D 40E 53F 70G 58H 85I J 36K 29L 35572
Fantastic 4- (D,L,M.J)B 63C 232D 25E 119F 90G 204H 151I J 39K 86L 561065
One Step At A TimeB 101C 306D 226E 99F 113G 247H 231I J 42K 299L 791743
Team Recess B 66C 148D 99E 67F 86G 75H 152I J 45K 65L 40843
One or TwoB 40C 181D 82E 67F 113G 114H 109I J 38K 65L 32841
The VisionariesB 42C 104D 95E 52F 19G 122H 124I J 39K 176L 43816
The 789sB 95C 156D 79E 94F 119G 129H 177I J 33K 194L 311107
Gimme ShelterB 54C 179D 108E 65F 113G 179H 123I J 46K 86L 591012
BaconatorsB 51C 160D 61E 69F 91G 172H 154I J 41K 129L 46974
Inn to WinB 82C 253D 239E 52F 84G 194H 168I J 37K 73L 481230
The Wolverines B 61C 202D 176E 76F 116G 126H 126I J 107K 69L 671126
All Pride No PrejudiceB 52C 166D 142E 89F 106G 128H 166I J 37K 72L 561014
Bound to ObliterateB 43C 199D 209E 95F 117G 170H 146I J 40K 129L 541202
SCCYS Somewhat Heroes B 42C 149D 99E 70F 110G 136H 114I J 38K 147L 37795
Team TimeoutB 67C 143D 195E 61F 78G 86H 107I J 39K 39L 60875
TKOB 54C 230D 186E 76F 107G 135H 179I J 44K 61L 421114
The Little Give'rsB 64C 197D 215E 117F 72G 148H 122I J 54K 85L 471121
Pathways to VictoryB 61C 158D 51E 66F 84G 70H 133I J 111K 86L 44864
Playground PosseB 149C 336D 270E 139F 157G 148H 188I J 41K 49L 561533
The brightest in the boxB 79C 172D 113E 60F 70G 156H 160I J 30K 89L 51980
Holy CowsB 43C 106D 100E 55F 73G 87H 130I J 59K 121L 57831
Summer of 69B 76C 232D 55E 68F 61G 137H 116I J 37K 96L 65943
The INN vestigatorsB 71C 144D 195E 111F 179G 150H 133I J 33K 114L 341164
The Pink CadillacsB 131C 176D 130E 119F 117G 122H 181I J 36K 112L 431167
The Dream TeamB 67C 137D 243E 129F 98G 199H 177I J 105K 130L 161301